Unboxing Petit Vour March Beauty Box

Living a healthy, natural and clean life is super important to me. This includes the beauty products I use on a daily basis. I totally dig brands that ban chemicals and are crem de la cruelty free! Did you know that not only is our skin our largest organ but 64% of what we put on our bodies is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Crazy, right?!?

8 months ago I discovered Petit Vour and it has completely changed my beauty regiment for the better. My absolute favorite is their monthly subscription box. For $15 per month ( I have the year subscription ) a cute pink box shows up at my door step filled with $45 – $60 worth of beauty products that are not only good for me, but actually work better than name brand products.

Petit Vour cares about their subscribers and doesn’t send me items that don’t work for me. At the beginning of my subscription, I had to fill out a beauty profile so that each box I receive is completely customized to my makeup, skincare and hair care preferences.

Also, at the end of each month, I rate the products on their website and receive points to use towards my favorite box discoveries. Who doesn’t love FREE beauty products! Hell, yeah!

Let’s see what is in the March box!

K Voss Bronzing Potion Glow Cream

Lets be honest here, my skin is either white or red from the sun. I’m that person who lathers on spf 70 every hour at the beach so having a tan or any glow for that matter is out of the question.

This non scented bronzer for someone who repels the sun is a glowing dream. The cream applies very smoothly and a little goes a long way. It is very sparkly but in a subtle way. I will without a doubt be using this for my friends wedding in May for a little spring glow.

Kahuna Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser

I’m a big fan of oil cleansers. They clean skin really well without over drying. This oil has a fruity herbal smell to it. Everyone’s skin is different and I am prone to breakouts. This oil hasn’t caused me to become inflamed which is an A+ for me.

Little Barn Apothecary Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil

Because I have very sensitive skin I don’t incorporate body oil into my every day skin regimen. I also am not a fan of oil because I have had it stain my clothing before. If I do use it, I use it almost like perfume. I like to dab it on my wrists, or I will put a drop in my hair.

This oil has a strong grapefruit smell up front, as the oil goes into your skin, it has a white blossom scent on the back end. This oil absorbed faster than most oils do but it still made me feel greasy. It’s not my favorite but that’s the beauty of these boxes. You might not like some products but I have also found some favorites that I didn’t know about before the box.

Andalou Naturals Citrus Sunflower Shower Gel

Let me just start off by saying I love Andalou Naturals products. I have tried both their body butter and hand cream, and they are awesome! So, I just may be a little biased on this product.

This shower gel lathered up really nicely. The smell is very, very strong. I wasn’t a fan of the smell, but the gel itself got my skin clean without over drying. I usually can’t wait to put lotion on after a shower so this was a plus for me. I would probably like this better in a different scent.

Evolv h Ultra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

This was a complete bonus with the March box. Usually there is only 4 products and to get 6 is above and beyond! I have received this shampoo and conditioner set from a previous Petit Vour box. My hair is super dry from living in a high desert my whole life. This shampoo and conditioner set makes my hair shine and replenishes the moisture I have lost. The scent is amazing too. It’s very sweet almost vanilla like. It was great to receive this product again.

If you’re wanting to explore adding clean beauty to your daily routine, I highly recommend the Petit Vour beauty boxes. I look forward to getting this box every month and I know you will too!

*This post is not sponsored by Petit Vour.

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